Radio Taxi
About us

Who we are?

Radio Taxi is the biggest company in the Valencian Community with an implantation in the market of 40 years. Our main activity is to transport people by taxi.

We have 995 taxi vehicles of 5 seats (including the driver) of different brands and models: mid-range, high-range, minivans, eco, hybrids (electric), etc.

All of them are equipped with air conditioning, data terminal, printer and GPS and GPRS communication system. This system allows us to contact with the taxis by voice and data from our operations center.

Taxi fleet management

How we work

One of our main features is to always dispose of the most advanced technology.

1. Telemarketer

When a client applies for our service, their data is processed informatically and they pass to the direct management from our system.

2. GPS

Once we get the client apply, the system finds the nearest taxi thanks to the GPS location, then, through the GPRS, the data is sent to the taxi in order to complete the service just like the client asked.

3. Taxi

A quick and effective system allows us the simultaneous management of hundreds of services, offering the taxi service in the shortest time.

4. Confirmation

This automatic system also allows the SMS shipments and automatically calls to the client, in order to achieve that he has the necessary information like: “Your taxi is ready”, “Your taxi is the number…”; informing every moment to the client.
Phone operators
Hours a day

Our team
at your disposal

Currently, our team is formed by 20 operators, dedicated to the operations center, and 1.400 taxi drivers for the service. All of them, have the regulatory permits for this type of transport. There is the possibility to ask for a taxi driver with languages: English, French, German, etc.
The service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days, through an exclusive phone number for clients. Our operator center, where the calls are managed, is endowed with modern informatic installations, which allow us to manage service with even a month of anticipation.
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